Sunday, May 9, 2010


T-minus two and counting...
Howard Bryant
Senior Writer and ESPN the Magazine
Cellular: (413) 695-8142
Office: (413) 628-4544

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Todd Devlin said...

Congratulations Howard! Picking up my copy this week and excited to read it. Best of luck on the book tour.

Patrick said...

Congrats Howard! We spoke in the Hyatt bar on Monday of the coolest sports conversations I've ever been a part of!! I know it sounds lame (which may indicate I have no life between work and my love of sports in general), but I was so thrilled to have the opportunity to pick your brain on several of sports biggest stories. Truly a thrill! Going to pick up the book tonight after I leave the office. I can't believe no one has written a proper biography to one of the countries biggest and truest Sports' Icons. Thank you for sharing Hammerin' Hanks story and I can't wait to turn the pages!!